Be Open... Just Not Too Wide.

"Complexity is the enemy of security."
(Bruce Schneier, 1963-)

Daily Cost of Cybercrime: US $300m for 1.5m victims (annually: US $110bn for 556m victims).
2012 Norton Cybercrime Report

  1  The World Wild Web

Cloud services process the most critical information of Enterprises, Government agencies, and Consumers. Companies reduce their IT infrastructure to delegate more and more. "SaaS first" has become the new standard.

There's a price to pay: today's security breaches expose billions of records. E-commerce, administrative and medical records are mis-used to impersonate unsuspecting victims. And the costs are piling – even for the Cloud leaders who see Europeans fearing that US regulatory constraints like the "Patriot Act" will make their data available to their US competitors (who get access to "restricted intelligence" in exchange for giving away their users' data).

  2  Traceability and Access Control

On-demand Cloud services inter-operate behind the scenes – far away from users' reach and control. And ever-growing regulatory compliance requirements accelerate the process (they require, not to watch the services that access, exchange and process end-users's data – but rather to constantly track all users, their status, location and interactions).

Even the most strategic protections called ICS (Industrial Control System) rely on "after-the-facts" rules that exclude IP addresses, protocols, URIs or malware. They (a) can only act after a threat has been identified, (b) are by nature prone to false alerts and misses and (c) delegate their security to private third-parties – making room for conflicts of interests.

  3  The Solution as a PaaS

There is an increasing need to – at the same time – avoid uncontrolled data siphoning and to authorize desired services with the help of by-design solutions (without endless "after-the-facts" threat chasing).

TWD's platform lets you decide who can see what whether this is Cloud services, Enterprise networks or Cloud users.

Maintenance Script

Backups Alerts Monitoring Asynchronous Jobs

Handler Scripts


Servile Scripts

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Started in 2009, G-WAN is at the core of TWD's new services. How many companies have created their own application server to better serve their customers?

TrustLeap's new line of services makes it useless to care about the "reputation" of peers (whoever is judge) as there is no more room for fraud.

People will enjoy freely sharing again: it's now safe.

Whatever your needs, scale and scope, benefit from what Cloud services can offer you – and block the rest. All the rest.

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