Leveraging Mutual Offers

Because no one can do it all.



Complementing each other's offers is a duty, to your business, shareholders and customers. Good partnerships bring more value to all parties. Our goal is to use existing channels to respect the customer relation already established by national and global solution vendors.

The Partners We Are Looking For

Companies licensing our technologies for their end-users, Carriers or Operators willing to offer new or improved services, technology players willing to get a decisive advantage – TWD opens new opportunities that are contributing to leverage existing offers. For more information, contact us.

Technology Differentiator

Due to the constraints imposed by FIPS compliance, all security vendors use the same NIST-approved standards. As a result, their offers lack the distinctive value needed to be identified by users as a premium technology. This both hits margins and hampers customer confidence.

Secured by


By securing NIST encryption standards in a provably-safe manner, TrustLeap opens new horizons for selected strategic partners in the hardware, software and service sectors, providing a unique decisive competitive advantage in each area.

TrustLeap lets industry players to comply with regulations (Patriot Act, MLAT) without compromising user data in multiple areas such as communications, storage, hosting, SaaS and Cloud services.

Recognizing that each case is unique, TWD listens carefully to partner particularities and goals to work towards satisfying every need. Drop us a line to start talking about how we can work better by working together!

A Dynamic Ecosystem

Consultants, Affiliates, Rebranding

  • Consultants – deliver advising and added-value solutions to global enterprise end-users.
  • Affiliates – participate to the awareness, promotion and exposure of TWD solutions to end-users.
  • Rebranding – offer products or services to customers that involve rebranded TWD technology.

Channel Partners

  • Gold Partners – operate globally in several regions to deliver solutions to global enterprise end-users.
  • Silver Partners – operate locally in a defined region and deliver solutions to targeted vertical segments.
  • Managed Services Partners – offer managed services such as training and certification to channel partners.

Distribution Channel Partners

  • Certified Distributors – manage a channel, order from TWD and sell to Authorized Resellers (not end-users).
  • Authorized Resellers – order from a TWD Certified Distributor and deliver TWD solutions to end-users.