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Delivering All Three.

Businesses who seek to be equal with today's leaders lack ambition: true leadership requires one's authority to be praised by free men.

  1   Online Since 1998

In 1998, TWD was founded to develop and market Remote-Anything, a 100 KB Desktop Sharing tool which was the first to offer zero-configuration firewall-traversal (and a patented technology) with its 300 KB Directory Server. At that time, SYMANTEC pcAnywhere owned 53% of the market. CD-ROM installation was the only option, it was impossible to deploy on-demand via the Web or by email.

In 2002, with more than 20 million Remote-Anything licenses deployed, TWD declined an acquisition offer from Summit Partners. Long-term projects often demand long term investments. To date, using organic growth, more than 280 million Remote-Anything licenses have been deployed in 136 countries.

  2  Ahead of Its Time

TWD anticipates the gaps in established sectors to deliver what people want – before they can formulate their needs. Our products and services traditionally raise the industry bar by offering unparalleled ease of use, performance and reliability.

We now introduce mathematically unbreakable Security – this changes everything.

  3  Building Value for All Users

Whether you are a Consumer, a Consultant, an Enterprise, a Carrier or a Government Agency, TWD's solutions have been designed with scalability in mind – without compromising usability. These values have created a very loyal customer base, eager to see how TWD's next steps will make their life easier, more efficient, and safer.

Still delivering more value than our customers expected, we continue to honor this tradition with unparalleled services, inventing the technologies that allow us to reach our goals:

  SaaS (Software As A Service)

Since 1998, TWD has licensed Desktop and Server software.

Recognizing the changes in the market (today, people chose "SaaS first"), we have found that existing server technologies were not adapted to our needs.

So we have created our own application server.

  PaaS (Platform As A Service)

Only two years after our application server was released, people in California came to meet us in Zurich to create a Big Data PaaS based on our new applications server.

Three years later, following our long-term goals, TWD Industries AG has opened its own Security-Oriented Cloud.

  TOP-SECRET e-mail (Cloud)

One of the first Web applications of our Secure PaaS was about securing email. It came first on the list of our customers.

TWD's Cloud mathematically guarantee that only your intended correspondents can read what you write: even TWD cannot shoulder-surf. We call this Security Sans Trust.